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ABCD of Copyright

11. Conclusion

When the ‘ABC’ was begun, the aim was to keep it as simple as possible and to eliminate words or phrases liable to confuse or which required the reader to reach for a dictionary.

The complexities of copyright legislation in a European and global context are such that in this edition it has became increasingly difficult to do this without leaving out essential items and it has again been occasionally necessary to supply a rather convoluted explanation to circumnavigate some legal phrase that required too much thinking about!

However, if readers have understood the contents of this book and act according to the advice supplied, they are less likely to find themselves in difficulties with copyright and related rights and will know what to do if trouble looms. Copyright can be a fascinating subject with endless opportunities for debate.

There will always be someone who will say `but what if…’ at the moment when it all seems to be coming out right. A good working knowledge of copyright will ensure that when it comes to debate, the result will benefit the copyright owner and thus, all copyright owners. Debate can be education at its best but it’s necessary to know the facts.

The facts of copyright keep evolving to keep abreast with the pace of change in the world so be aware of this and keep a look out for the next edition of this book!

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