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Thousands of people produce parodies every day...but what if some of them are pretty funny ?

Angry at the Metropolitan Police’s advertising campaign ?

Then why not try this,

or this,

or this,

or this,

or this,

or this,

or this

…instead ?


Comments on this article:

Probably the best line that is the the biggest absolute lie that comes to mind when seeing those pictures is “They (the troops) are fighting for our freedoms!”

Really? They are? What freedoms do we risk losing if we don’t defeat the enemy? More so, haven’t we given up enough freedoms already for this war? Privacy is a joke of a word now.

Comment #1 posted by Anarchology at 20 April, 07:11 AM

As a long serving police sergeant in a Northern service and a current BA photography student, I simply cannot believe that police officers, earning good money seem incapible of working this out for themselves. Unbelieveable. A friendly chat, SLR camera, press card, ID, have a nice day. For goodness sake terrorists use covert methods such as camera phones. I had to laugh, I got challenged in central London using a SLR with a tripod shooting in Parliment Square. Shall I just record the news at Ten and take a screen shot?
Please tell me, why is this so difficult for us?
So keep taking pictures, it’s not the police’s place to censure.

Comment #2 posted by axendo99 at 8 May, 08:15 AM

Wonderful thing, Google Ads. This pages carries a recruitment ad for the Bedfordshire Police.

Comment #3 posted by ThePenguin at 14 May, 12:45 PM

almost 4 months since sqweegee’s last post…

has he been extraordinarily rendered somewhere ?

Comment #4 posted by robert at 23 June, 05:22 PM

Seems Old Bill cannot trust Joe Public, only this week in Gloucestershire.
Glos PLods

I have forwarded information on this to friends and colleagues. Only today, Glos Plods held a show of strength against crime, a police road block on the A40 at Arle in Cheltenham. Tough on Crime the plods round here!

Comment #5 posted by fotaura at 27 June, 06:38 PM

I felt less “watched” in Moscow and Leningrad in the 60’s than in UK today. But it hasn’t improved our safety one little bit despite the governments fake statistics..
At things are at present I won’t ever return to London for a holiday my blood pressure wouldn’t stand it. Would a change of government improve things, I doubt it as long as the politicians have their snouts in the gravy trough!!

Comment #6 posted by J Robertson at 11 July, 12:57 AM

Yes, sometimes they are very funny, and look like to be very interesting. Thank you for your links. I’m interested a lot why you have taken this area of the life, the police.

Comment #7 posted by Quinton at 29 September, 12:59 PM

Photography students in London’s Whitechapel area were today approached by a private security force operating on the street, apparently under control of the polce, and were issued with white forms telling them they had been ‘cautioned’ under the Prevention of terrrorism act. -Possibly ‘terrorist suspects’ in the near future will be issued with fixed penalty notices at 40 quid a go with refusal to pay being met with the orange boilersuit and a free trip to Camp X-Ray until you pay up.

Comment #8 posted by Chris at 15 October, 01:21 AM

Personally I like odd, funny and spontaneous photos. They are so real and reflect episodes from our lives. They are true to life.

Comment #9 posted by Reuben at 22 October, 03:55 PM

Why would terrorists bother taking photos to check out london when the new Google street maps means they can do it all from the comfort of their home PC.

All the Police are about these days is oppression of the public. Shame on you!

Comment #10 posted by michael at 24 March, 10:16 PM

I actually avoid the UK nowadays.

Grew up in the UK but I have worked and lived in many countries. Libya, Iraq: not as bad in terms of government surveillance as the UK today. Sad.

Since I have the ability to stay away from this Orwellian police state, I do. East Berlin in 1975 was less oppressive. Why do UK authorities not see this? Or do they, and don’t they care?

Comment #11 posted by Michael at 6 April, 12:52 PM

Politicians, and more silent authorities, have lost control and fear losing their grip on what is left of society. Surveillance Soviet-style is their answer. We must all fear each other, in the name of hoax threats from elsewhere.

Comment #12 posted by Russell at 10 November, 08:59 PM

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