Photo Histories website launched

A website which aims to record the stories and anecdotes from the history of photojournalism has been launched this week.

Graham Harrison, an EPUK moderator and respected former photographer for Vogue and the Telegraph Magazine has launched Photo Histories as a vehicle for entertaining and thought provoking stories about photography.

“The original germ of the idea for Photo Histories was suggested by Digital Railroad’s Evan Nisselson in April”, says Harrison. “I asked him about how can one address all the changes in our medium. Evan suggested I create my own journalism, and I began to think I should use my knowledge gained as a professional photographer and the contacts amassed over 30 years to investigate the history of our medium from the perspective of the working photographer, and to clarify the major influences on the images we all create.”

“Also I was concerned about the future of photography,
and thought it a good idea to ask some of the world’s great
photographers not only about their lives and work but where
they thought the medium of photography might be headed
as the 21st century unfolds.”

The website currently has exclusive interviews with Philip Jones Griffiths, Homer Sykes, an article by former Independent and Times chief photographer Brian Harris on working with Don McPhee during the US elections, as well as in-depth photography book reviews.

“Photo Histories will document how some of the world’s most important photographers achieved what they did, and ask them what they predict for the future of our medium” says Harrison. “It will also tell some of the great stories told by photographers that until now had been confined to darkrooms, bars and pubs.”