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Dont Hassle The Hoff!

He’s pressed the flesh with murderous dictators, faced down the American Senate and seen off the Daily Telegraph in court, but now George Galloway MP is set for a showdown with his most formidable foe to date – EPUK member David Hoffman.

According to the The Herald Hoffman is suing Galloway for an unpaid invoice of £715, after the photographer was commissioned to take pictures of his grandchild’s christening.

Galloway, a veteran of the courts had managed to avoid two previous attempts by the photographer to serve a writ on him by conventional means.

Until Hoffman finally tracked the Respect MP down to a radio station in South London.

“I disguised the letter in an old envelope and left it for him at reception,” the photographer said. “I waited until he came out, watched him open it, and then took a picture of him reading it. He was completely speechless for about a minute, then he became so cross I thought he would explode.

“When he got his voice back, he repeatedly said: ‘I’ll see you in court, I’ll see you in court and you will lose. You can be certain of that.’”

The case is yet to come to judgement, but the wise money is on Hoffman who is said to have notched up over two dozen court victories against errant clients during his photographic career.

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