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RIGHTS GRAB: Robbie Williams

As predicted previously around these parts, organisers from the Robbie Williams tour are insisting photographers sign a rights grabbing contract before entering the pit to photograph the tattooed triller.

Rather wonderfully, the contract, which you can download here contains the most convoluted legalese we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a lot. Example:

“We shall be entitled to assign transfer sub-license mortgage charge…”

Where did they get this stuff ? From the paragraphs at the end of spam emails ? (Actually, no: it came from media lawyers Sheridans who we strongly suspect get paid by the word rather than by the comma)

What we can tell you is: It’s All Bad. They get the copyright. You have to apply for a license from them each and every time you want to use your pictures. They can sell your copyright to someone else, or sell licenses for someone else to use your pictures.

What particularly takes the biscuit for us, is that the “valuable consideration” needed to make the contract legally valid is…you getting to see Robbie Williams. From the pits. For three songs. Without flash. That might be less valuable that they think it is. Plus at EPUK Towers, we’re more Gary Barlow fans anyway.

19 Sept update: The Daily Mirror has covered the rights grab with a blank space where the photograph should be, calling Williams an ‘egomaniac’.

Veteran music photographer Danny Clifford also covers the rights grab in his blog here and here

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