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Win Win Win With The Scotsman!

1 June 2001 - EPUK

Following various private offers made by Scotsman picture editors to staff photographers around the country, EPUK is proud to publicise their kind offer

WIN a free return rail ticket to Edinburgh [second class, local trains only, off-peak, other restrictions may apply]

WIN two weeks luxury accommodation in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket area

WIN instant redundancy from your real employers when they learn how you spent your “holidays”

EPUK is proud to present a sunshine special from The Scotsman Publications Limited. If you’re a staff photographer with a UK newspaper, and you fancy a fully paid break from your real job, then the Scotsman wants you.

Yes, that’s right! If you’re stewing in Swindon, depressed in Doncaster, wired in Worcester or brassed off in Bristol, a spot of Scotch Mist could be just the tonic, and the Scotsman is here to
help. You’ll get free transport to Edinburgh, free accommodation and generous cash payments for the photographs you produce. You’ll be working for a national paper, and best of all, there are lots of vacancies!

To enter this great free contest, just tell your editor that you’re going on holiday, then call the Scotsman offering your services, and they’ll do the rest.

Remember, this is a limited offer, and will end when the Scotsman manages to find some Scottish photographers prepared to work for them, so don’t miss your chance: apply now!

Write today to:
Phillip Thorp, Scotsman Holiday Offer, Barclay House, 108 Holyrood Road, EDINBURGH EH8 8AS, Scotland.

Contest rules:

1. This offer is only open to photographers already gainfully employed elsewhere.

2. This offer does not apply to photographers normally resident within Scotland, since they’ve already refused to work for the Scotsman.

3. This offer only applies to photographers so lacking in work or scruples that they are happy to work for the Scotsman when their usual contributors have refused to do so.

4. All images produced during your holiday will remain the ownership of the Scotsman, it’s successors and assignees until the end of time, or longer if TSPL lawyers can swing it.

5. The Scotsman reserves the right to use any work produced in any way it sees fit, in any medium existing or not yet invented, in any geographical area already known or not yet discovered, without any further payment to you, or indeed any payment at all, if TSPL lawyers can pull that one off.

6. Winners agree to indemnify the Scotsman against any legal claims against the Scotsman arising out of this offer, including, but not limited to, any claims from the Inland Revenue Service concerning cash payments.

7. Winners further agree to indemnify the Scotsman against any legal claims against the Scotsman arising out of this offer as a result of the winners’ real employers discovering that their staff spent their supposed holidays working for another publication.

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Hey, this is an old offer but maybe nobody took it up ! I can do with a break. My editor = me, nobody is trying to break down the door of my studio so what the heck ? I may as well get screwed by The Scotsman as by anyone else ! So what’s the deal ? I live in Ireland. Does that disqualify me or is that an extra incentive ? But I am not a Paddy, even worse, I am Dutch . This is as good a moment to come out of the closet as any other . I have old 4s5 press camera. Maybe it still works. Maybe I can even manage to figure out HOW it works. So call me at once. Day or night. Dublin never sleeps, neither do I.
Rudy Jakma. + 353 86 3257426
PS: who says I am nutty ?

Comment 1: Rudy Jakma, 13 May 2009, 11:49 pm

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