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Nikon's Impact Damage

14 March 2015

EPUK doesn't do tech. But when a tech issue affects the business of professional photographers EPUK considers it an issue worth investigating. Here Nikon user Graham Harrison looks at an undercurrent of complaints about one professional Nikon lens, the sharp but fragile 24-70mm f/2.8 AF-S zoom.

Why I'm leaving Alamy

11 March 2015

Alamy's contract defence: misleading and evasive.

Photographing Protest

24 February 2015

Protest photography is much more than extreme street photography. Coverage of protest forms our social memory, it creates a permanent record for history, spreading the ideas behind the protest and fertilising social change.

WATCH OUT! There’s a G4S about

18 July 2012

As the world watches G4S attempt to protect the London Olympics David Hoffman worries that with its history of arrogance and mismanagement the security giant’s presence might sink photographers’ hopes of working freely during the biggest sporting event in the UK since the 66 World Cup.

Stolen photographs: what to do?

18 November 2011

Your copyright, what you are entitled to claim from an infringer, and how to assemble and present a claim, are all discussed in detail here.

Author Simon Crofts is a professional photographer and EPUK member. He studied law at Oxford University, and subsequently worked for ten years as a corporate finance lawyer at leading international law firm Linklaters in London and Moscow before he became a photographer.

What price your dream?

14 September 2011

In Britain a staggering 1600 photography courses will be touting for students in 2012. Neil Turner, professional photographer and tutor on a new photojournalism course that starts in Bournemouth this month, asks whether enough of these courses actually prepare students for the harsh realities of professional photography today.

On the PLUS side

25 July 2011

The PLUS Registry sounds as exciting as a phonebook, but promises the largest evolutionary step for the imaging industry since the internet arrived. EPUK moderator Tony Sleep explains.

“For God’s sake, somebody call it!”

1 August 2010

Has the time come to take photojournalism off life-support? After nearly 25 years in the business, agency director Neil Burgess steps forward to make the call.

Photographer wins copyright infringement case against MGN

25 October 2009

In a judgment issued on 16 October which has potentially important ramifications for the photography industry, the High Court held that Daily Mirror publisher MGN Ltd had infringed copyright in photographs included in back copies of newspapers it was making available online to paid subscribers, writes Tom Cowling of Swan Turton

Why the NUJ election is an opportunity for photographers to show their strength

26 May 2008

The election to become the NUJ’s next Deputy General Secretary offers photographers a unique chance to use their voice and to show their strength, argues EPUK website editor Nick McGowan-Lowe

Court of Appeal upholds Rowling privacy appeal

8 May 2008

An appeal brought by author JK Rowling to protect the privacy of her son has huge implications for those in the public eye who wish to protect the privacy of their children, writes Jonathan Coad of Swan Turton.

Why the Orphan Works Act is Uncle Sam's thieves' charter

27 April 2008

The proposed US Orphan Works Act would dramatically shift the balance away from copyright holders, in favour of those who would like to use creative work without permission, argues EPUK moderator Tony Sleep

Photojournalism and "fair use": Fitzgerald v CBS Broadcasting

9 October 2007

A case recently decided by a Massachusetts court highlights the special protection given to news photographers under the UK Copyright Act, writes Charles Swan of Swan Turton.

NUJ disunity helps no-one except the publishers we should be fighting

2 October 2007

Union disunity over issues such as the Drogheda Independent controversy helps no-one except the very employers who are at the root of the problem, writes NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear.

Why the J.K. Rowling privacy case will be closely watched

23 August 2007

While JK Rowling’s bid to prevent publication of photographs of her four year old son has failed, any future appeal will be keenly watched by celebrities and media alike, writes Jonathan Coad of Swan Turton.

How npower lost its credibility over the Radley Lakes injunction

17 May 2007

Three months on, while the exact reasons behind the injuncting of an EPUK member at Radley Lakes still remain a mystery, npower has been left with very little credibility, writes EPUK website editor Nick McGowan-Lowe

Court of Appeal upholds magazine's right to an exclusive over Zeta-Jones and Douglas wedding

15 May 2007

The long running battle over the publication of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones’ wedding photographs has finally come to an end in the House of Lords, which handed down judgment on 2 May, writes Jonathan Coad of Swan Turton.

The transatlantic twist in Creative Commons licensing

23 March 2007

Intended to encourage sharing and community yet restrain commercial use, Creative Commons licensing offers an attractive, simple and clearly defined context for placing photos on the web. But the US understanding of ‘commercial’ turns out not to be as straightforward as here in the UK, writes EPUK moderator Tony Sleep

Gowers Review

11 April 2006

Thirty years ago Mr Justice Whitford established his committee for copyright reform, to bring legislation from a bygone age into the modern world. The result was the Copyright Designs and Patents Act of 1988. Two years later, Photoshop was launched and desktop publishing began to replace paste-up production and hot metal printing.

Continuing professional development – the answer to a few problems?

6 April 2006

It was quite a few years ago when Bob Dylan sang; “Times they are a changing”. The slow drift from a transparency and print world via scanned negatives to a digital workflow has taken the best part of twenty years and in that time a lot of good, indifferent and bad practices have developed argues EPUK columnist Neil Turner

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