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About EPUK

EPUK was founded in 1999 by a small group of photographers who wanted to create an email group to address business issues affecting photographers working in the UK and Irish markets.

Inspired by the original Editorial Photographers email discussion list, EPUK has informal links with other photographic organisations such as the Association of Photographers (AoP) and the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and the PLUS Coalition . However, EPUK remains an independent organisation.

Everything EPUK does is produced by full-time photographers working in their spare time. EPUK’s moderators work behind the scenes making the list run smoothly, as well as vetting membership, writing website articles and working with other photographers groups.

EPUK is the trading name of Editorial Photographers UK Ltd, registered in England & Wales no. 6125535.

Who can join EPUK ?

All photographers working for the UK or Irish editorial markets are welcome to apply for membership.

How much does it cost ?

Zilch, nada, nothing: EPUK is entirely free to its members, although we occasionally ask for voluntary donations to go towards covering the running costs such as our server, domains and software. EPUK is generally funded by hosting other lists, and by website promotions and advertising.

How exactly does it work ?

The main EPUK list works via email discussions. Say you want to ask a question about a magazine’s rates, or a newspaper’s record of rights grabs: you put your query in an email to the list address. That then gets sent out to each of EPUK’s 1000+ members, each of whom can reply, and their reply is then posted to all EPUK members in return.

Because of the speed of our servers, this pretty much happens in ‘real time’, so you can get an answer very, very quickly. In a typical day, there will be usually be six or seven topics being discussed, with around 30 emails.

Won’t my inbox become clogged up ?

Not at all: we offer a lot of advice on how to filter EPUK (“list”) emails into a separate folder so they don’t interfere with your regular work emails. You can also choose to subscribe to the “digest” version, which mean you will get just one or two emails a day, with all the messages on. You can also turn EPUK email delivery off altogether if you are going away on holiday. There’s a dedicated helpdesk for any problems you have.

What topics can be discussed ?

If it’s related to editorial photography business, it’s allowed. So insurance, VAT, accounts, rates, copyright, picture desk dilemmas, print prices, suppliers, getting discounts and offering warnings to other photographers about certain titles are all typical business.

If it’s non-business, it’s not: the type of topics that aren’t allowed are camera talk (try ProPhotoCommunity), software and colour management (try ProDIG), and general non-business chit-chat. Discussions about the NUJ are best held on NVJPhoto. You might also want to check out Pro-Imaging, which is a worldwide discussion list for full time professionals who don’t supply royalty-free stock.

Who runs EPUK ?

EPUK was set up and is run entirely by photographers. It has a small group of moderators who give their time for free, and help keep all aspects of the list running smoothly.

Who are the EPUK moderators ?

David Hoffman, Tony Sleep, Graham Trott, Lottie Davies, Annette Price, Tim Gander and Martin Cameron.

Who produces the EPUK website ?

Website content at epuk.org is produced by a team of an overall editor and several core writers, plus guest writers and other contributors. In common with many other organisations, some news and feature articles carry a common ‘EPUK’ byline, while other articles are credited to their authors.

In 2015 the site was redesigned and constructed by David N. Brooks of Northwardcompass.com in collaboration with moderators Tony Sleep and David Hoffman and the then Editor of EPUK Graham Harrison. EPUK is grateful to the Journalists’ Copyright Fund for their support, which made updating the site possible.

I’m a photographer working for editorial titles ? Should I join ?

Absolutely. There simply isn’t a better resource or knowledge base for working editorial photographers in the UK.

I’m based outside the UK, but I supply UK and Irish titles. Can I join ?

Yes you can. We have members in the US, Canada, Russia, India, Australia and Thailand to name but a few.

How can I join ?

You can apply to join here

Who should I contact for general queries about EPUK ?

Who should I contact for website, or any other enquiries ?

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What is EPUK?

EPUK is an email group for professional editorial photographers who want to talk business. We don’t do techie stuff or in-crowd gossip. We don’t talk cameras or computers. What we talk about are the nuts and bolts of being in business - like copyright, licensing, fees and insurance.

Donate to EPUK

EPUK is run on a not-for-profit basis, funded solely by advertising, donations and hosting other lists. You can make a donation to EPUK through Paypal here:

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