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Don't Shoot Him He's Only the Piano Player

We would have our photography blog license revoked if we didn’t mention Elton John’s tirade at Cannes photographers this week.

“If you saw ‘Transamerica’ ... I’m talking … you fuckwit, fucking photographers you should be shot, you should be all shot. Thank you.”, reminding us why he’s not in charge of the words-end of the John-Taupin partnership as well as providing ample blog fodder for the usual one-cylinder thinkers.

“Those whom they hate the most keep their careers alive. What an irony” ,was a typical comment on one blog. “If it weren’t for photographers, Elton would be doing drag cabaret in some shitty pub somewhere right about now.”, said another poster, whose knowledge of Elton Hercules John’s biography is seemingly untroubled by the roles played by notable non-photographers such as Taupin, Ray Williams, Dee Murray, Nigel Olsson, as well as natural talent.

But it it still an example of a showbiz diva gone too far ? Watch the clip. Mouthy photographer assumes that the whole crowd of people behind him have come to Cannes to hear what he has to say, and refuses to STFU when someone else is trying to speak. Plain bad manners. Defence rests.

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