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Every Day Is Non-Photography Day

You’ve heard of it: now’s your chance to be part of it! In anticipation of the Second World Non-Photography Day on July 17 EPUK is proud to announce the Every Day Is Non-Photography Day ® contest, with great prizes, including your chance to win a Non-Photography Diploma: free!

You’ve heard of it: now’s your chance to be part of it! In anticipation of the Second World Non-Photography Day on July 17 EPUK is proud to announce the Every Day Is Non-Photography Day ® contest, with great prizes, including your chance to win a Non-Photography Diploma: free!

Non-Photography is the philosophical sensation sweeping the globe. Last year an estimated 10,000 people – a stunning 0.0004% of the world’s population – took part in Non-Photography Day. Professor Becca Bland, world-renowned unpublished editorial photographer, and prizewinner in the EPUK Golden Sureshot Awards, is the founder and primary exponent of the theory and practice of Non-Photography.

The rules are Zen-like in their simplicity. As befits the founder of Non-Photography, there is a notable deficit of photographs of Becca Bland, and we hope to correct that with your help. Just send your pictures of Becca to dharmaballs@epuk.org and they will be published here and automatically entered in the contest.

All photographic genres are acceptable. In the event of multiple submissions preference will be given to entries that best capture the character of Professor Bland and the tenets of Non-Photography: eg. Becca and the Buddha studying a Canon 400D manual; Becca stripping down a 1964 Honda Superhawk CB77 ; Becca performing at the Dharma-A-Gogo Karaoke Bar; Becca shopping for shoes, etc.

First Prize: the Visa D’Or diploma course in Non-Photography.
This is a 10-day hands-on intensive course covering the entire theory and practice of Non-Photography and is designed to lead to a Non-Photography Diploma and subsequent non-career. It will be held at the Professor Bland College of Non-Photography, located near the Thai-Burmese border, scene of Becca’s Original Revelation® and home of Non-Photography.

A cash bar and mind-expanding drugs will be provided.

Senior tutor and course leader will be Professor Becca Bland. Specialist tutors will include Darryn Lyons of Mr Paparazzi, Nottingham Chief Constable Steve Green, npower lawyers, and a representative from the People’s Republic of Korea Press Service. Among the areas covered:

Non-Photography Theory
• Non-Photography and its relationship to the world’s other great religions
• The exposure of the Buddha
Required reading:
Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance: that old copy you bought in art school and never got around to finishing
Inner Truth In Photography [author Piers Morgan]
Dharma Bums Of Fleet Street

Non-Photography Production
• Remembering to leave the lens cap on
• Shooting without a memory card
• Image deletion after accidental exposure
• Battery failure, and why it is your friend
• Sensor dust: its application in Non-Photography
• The use of portable flash and Non-Photography
• Non-Photography for citizen journalists: how to use your cameraphone as a phone
• Non-Photography Police strategy and tactics. Session hosted by Nottingham Chief Constable Steve Green assisted by npower security guards

Non-Photography Post Production
• Photoshop and Non-Photography with special emphasis on use of the erase tool
• The virtue of hard drive failure
• Why you should never back up your Non-Photography files

Career Advice
• Talent is not an issue: self-publicity and Non-Photography
• Non-Photography Agents: do you really need one?
• Non-Photography for photographers: career advice from MacDonalds and Tesco.

Ethical And Legal Issues
• Non-Photography in public: special session with npower lawyers
• Is the environment Non-Photography aware?
• Is Non-Photography ever acceptable around celebrities? Session hosted by Darryn Lyons of Mr Paparazzi
• Copyright and Non-Photography

Second Prize: the collected works of Professor Becca Bland.
A hand printed, unautographed boxed set of the collected works of acclaimed unpublished editorial photographer Becca Bland, inventor and pioneer of Non-Photography.

Third Prize:
A collection of inspirational materials, rolling papers and one month’s free legal advice from the Campaign To Legalise Cannabis.

Every Day Is Non-Photography Day® is organised by EPUK in conjunction with the Photographic Inaction Group, a non-prophet organisation.

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