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Overheard at Corbis this week...

Overheard in a 6th floor boardroom at Corbis’ Seattle HQ: three men in black polonecks are having an intense discussion.

Overheard in a 6th floor boardroom at Corbis’ Seattle HQ: three men in black polonecks are having an intense discussion.

Polo neck 1: So – we’ve got the name: Snapvillage.

Polo neck 2: Snappy.

PL1: We thought so.

PL3: Now we just need to pick an image for the front of the website.

PL1: Something that sums up what we’re attempting to do to the stock photography market.

PL2: Mmmmm…..

[Long silence]

PL3: Okay…lets brainstorm. What exactly is it we’re doing ?

PL1: Well – why not this one ? It shows that we’re SHAKING up the stock photography market. Geddit ?

PL2: Or it shows our photographers, shaking their heads wondering quite why we’re trying to shift their product at a dollar apiece.

PL3: No…that wouldn’t work then.

[Sound of lattes being sipped]

PL2: How about something to attract contributors ? Something like this ?

PL1: As long as no-one links that to the 160 layoffs we had to make last year.

PL2: Oh yes.

PL3: I think we’re getting somewhere though. I think I’ve got something…

Pl1: …go on…

PL3: …we’re selling photographs….

PL1: …royalty free-photographs…

PL3: …yes, I was coming to that…and you can use it however you want and for as long as you want…for just a dollar

PL1: …Or even $50 if we’re feeling brave…

PL2: …in a hugely saturated market, where the photographers supplying us are already under financial pressure…

PL1: Oh ! Oh ! I know the picture !

PL3: No – I was thinking something that shows a more global scale to things. Something that shows us…screwing…the whole goddamn world !

PL1: Bill – you’re a genius. It’s done!

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