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Photography Ludditism

Is it just us, or is there a growing Luddite movement in photography ? First we’ve had World Pinhole Day – what do you mean, you missed it ? – where men with beards from across the world could demonstrate alternative uses for Pringles cans, biscuit tins and Blu-Tac, with results ranging from the quite good to, well, crap actually. One we particularly liked was that of Zoltan Klinger, who clearly took off a weekend from plotting against Flash Gordon to get out the sticky-back plastic.

Now that we can see the point of. On the other hand, the news in Amateur Photographer that artist Simon Lee is to turn a double decker bus into many mobile pinhole cameras had us having to wipe the coffee off the computer screen. “Passengers sit in the seats as usual, and they see a real-time projection of the scene outside” enthuses Lee, whose previous art installations include creating a brick sculpture from unfired bricks which was quickly eroded away by the elements.

So, to recap, Simon: you’ll be taking money driving a bus round with passengers on, and they’ll be looking at what’s happening outside. So forgive us for asking – aside from your money will be coming from the inevitable Arts Council grant, rather than pensioners loose change – that’s different from the number 37 to Ealing how, exactly ?

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