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Pinhole cameras: who’s the daddy ?

Two weeks ago, we brought to your attention the rather worrying trend for re-emergence of pinhole cameras. What we should have known where this was heading. We all know the type of photographer who, when being photographed themselves, will immediately start homoerotically posing with the longest lens they can find, cradling its thick girth across the palm of their hand, and who privately think of focal lengths in imperial, rather than metric. So we should have guessed it wouldn’t be long before the pinhole camera trend moved onto the “who has the biggest”.

It’s certainly not any of the contributors to World Pinhole Day , most of whom used Pringle cans. A five inch girth doesn’t really cut it in this game. And it’s not artist Simon Lee whose camera fashioned out of a double-decker bus wouldn’t even touch the sides of our winner. No, the grand prize is shared among the veritable photographic stallions Jerry Burchfield, Mark Chamberlain, Jacques Garnier, Rob Johnson, Douglas McCulloh and Clayton Spada, whose camera is not just so big that it needs to be housed in an aircraft hangar: it is an aircraft hangar.

With a negative 25 feet by 100 feet, and an exposure time that’s measured with a calendar rather than a stopwatch, the Great Picture project in California aims to not only break two world records, but more importantly for them to get their revenge on those who teased them in the school showers.

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