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AI, Text & Data Mining and what it means for you

3 September 2022

Reprinted with permission of the Association of Photographers (AOP)

Why should photographers and image-makers be concerned about the newly proposed Text and Data Mining exception?

  • Up to this point, the UK’s copyright framework has arguably been among the most innovation-friendly and world-leading pieces of legislation protecting creators, with careful



Cardiff Steal

9 December 2018

Jonathan Webb infringement


Court awards damages of £2851.42 for a single infringing image on a website

In 2015 EPUK member and photographer Jonathan Webb won a particularly flagrant case that set a record multiplier for  damages, and also held company directors personally liable despite the  protections limited company status offers. Webb has now set a further precedent, achieving an award for time spent dealing with an infringement. Moreover, he obtained permission from the High Court to publish a transcript of the judgement. 

Update: DACS, Payback and Creators' Rights

21 December 2016

As you may be aware, there are changes to DACS' Payback scheme that have been forced on photographers and DACS by the Copyright Licensing Agency.

Rex - a gross betrayal of trust

18 December 2015

Today Rex Features, a long established and, until recently, respected photo library has emailed all its contributors admitting that a number had been defrauded.

"No agenda, no attitude": Mike King the Master Craftsman of Sports Photography

16 September 2015

The untimely death last week of the award-wining sports photographer and all round good guy Mike King sent shock waves through the profession.

Alamy in the rear view mirror

27 May 2015


From their launch in 1999 Alamy had promoted themselves as the photographer-friendly stock agency. Back then they made promises like "It's not like you are entering an arrangement that ties your images up for a lengthy amount of time." Come February 2015 and they are claiming perpetual and irrevocable rights. 

ALAMY concedes to EPUK campaign

31 March 2015

Following a campaign by EPUK the stock agency Alamy has conceded that amendments to its contributor contract, which were due to come into force on April 1st, would be withdrawn and replaced with amended terms more in line with photographers' demands.

Aerial photographer's damages claim achieves record height

10 March 2015

A recent court case won by EPUK member Jonathan Webb contains some good news for UK photographers who are drowning in infringements. Whilst the circumstances of this particular case are specific and somewhat unusual, both the elevated level of damages and the "piercing of the corporate veil" set important precedents.

Alamy responds to EPUK's open letter

5 March 2015

Received today: Alamy's response to EPUK's open letter regarding the new contributor contract terms.

An open letter from EPUK to Alamy regarding the new contributor contract terms

26 February 2015

New contract terms giving Alamy perpetual rights cause consternation among photographers.

Legal developments that help photographers

22 January 2015

The application of copyright law to photographs has been clarified by recent judgments in the UK, Europe and Australia say Alex Wilson and Alex Borthwick of the London-based intellectual property law firm, Powell Gilbert LLP, who provide analysis of these cases along with other general litigation advice for photographers.

David Hurn to give his last UK lecture

24 November 2014

EPUK EXCLUSIVE! David Hurn, the Magnum photographer and founder of the celebrated ‘Docphot’ course at Newport says a lecture he is giving there on Thursday is likely to be his last in the UK.

NUJ members under police surveillance mount collective legal challenge

21 November 2014

Six NUJ members have discovered that their lawful journalistic and union activities are being monitored and recorded by the Metropolitan Police. They are now taking legal action against the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and the Home Secretary to challenge this ongoing police surveillance. By David Hoffman and others.

Talking Photography at Oxford

17 September 2014

Photography Oxford 2014, Oxford’s first international festival of photography, was launched on Friday by Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey with the promise of bringing an ongoing debate about the medium to the city. By Graham Harrison.

BPC takes exception to copyright changes

31 July 2014

From 2005 photographers have been in more-or-less constant attempts at constructive dialogue with Government regarding changes to copyright law. But dialogue requires willingness to listen and seek compromise.

DACS moves to protect photographers' income

10 June 2014

To protect their secondary rights from money-grabbing organisations photographers need to grant the Design and Artists Copyright Society an exclusive licence to represent them, writes David Hoffman.

Morel's attorney, Joe Baio tells EPUK why a case that simply upholds the law is so important for photographers

31 January 2014

Fresh from his successful prosecution of Getty Images and AFP in New York, Daniel Morel’s attorney Joseph Baio talked to EPUK’s David Hoffman about the implications of the trial which ended with his client being awarded $1.2m in damages, the maximum possible for the breach of his copyright.

Morel thanks Marcia Paul for making him "The best paid news photographer in the world" and tells EPUK of his shock when he learnt in court that Getty Images sold his earthquake photographs on the first day for $45, $9

25 November 2013

In an exclusive telephone conversation the Haitian photojournalist Daniel Morel and Phyllis Galembo, his long-time friend who helped make it happen, talk about the trial which ended on Friday with an “outraged” jury finding agency giants AFP and Getty Images guilty of wilful copyright infringement of Morel’s photographs of the Haiti earthquake. “Getty are the worst enemy of photography,” Morel told EPUK.

AFP and Getty Images found liable for willful copyright infringement, Haitian photojournalist Daniel Morel wins maximum damages.

23 November 2013

Gasps were heard in the courtroom as the trial of Daniel Morel vs. Agence France Presse (AFP) and Getty Images ended at the Thurgood Marshall US Court House in Manhattan with Morel being awarded $1.2m in damages, the maximum possible. Jury members said they were “outraged” by the behavior of both agencies. EPUK was there and reported daily from the eight-day trial.

Agency Reputations at Stake in Historic Copyright Trial

7 November 2013

Daniel Morel’s copyright theft case against photo agencies Agence France Presse (AFP) and Getty Images will begin on Wednesday November 13th, 2013 at the Thurgood Marshall US Court House in Manhattan, before Federal District Court Judge Alison Nathan. The stakes are high and EPUK will be in New York to follow the action.

Black out! Russian media remove photos to protest imprisonment of photographer

28 September 2013

Media outlets across Russia have replaced images with plain black or grey rectangles on their web sites in protest against the imprisonment of Denis Sinyakov, a Russian photographer working for the Greenpeace environmental organisation.

Infringer who originally offered £150 forced to pay £20,000 in settlement

25 September 2013

A music and entertainment company who offered £150 for their unlicenced and unlawful use of an exclusive image of pop stars cavorting on a sofa has agreed to pay photographer Jason Sheldon £20,000 following a Patents Court decision in May.

ERRA: You could not make it up

23 May 2013

Much has already been written about the changes to copyright contained in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, but you haven’t heard the half of it yet. EPUK moderator Tony Sleep takes time out from filling in Costa Coffee job applications to explain…

ERRA: You could not make it up (short version)

22 May 2013

If someone parks a tank on your lawn, you probably need to consider whether they’ve just come to help with the gardening or not. Tony Sleep examines the copyright provisions of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill 2013 which became law last month.

2013 - the year we lost sight of what photography can achieve

15 March 2013

This year’s announcement of the winners of two major competitions for photojournalists, World Press Photo and Pictures of the Year International, created more than the usual fire storm. Raking through the ashes, Graham Harrison looks for a way forward, and reveals how one major grants programme for photojournalists had no restrictions on image manipulation at all.

Alamy Stat Flap

28 November 2012

The anonymous publication of a spreadsheet showing the recently announced 10% decrease in photographers’ commission by stock library Alamy is, in real terms, a cut of 17% has caused consternation at Alamy HQ.

Emma Peios, photographer with an eye for colour and design remembered for her mischievous sense of humour

10 October 2012

Emma Peios, digital pioneer with an eye for colour and design died of leukemia in June. Paul Debois remembers a skilled practitioner with a mischievous sense of humour.

Martin Jenkinson, photographer with a sympathetic eye for Northern working traditions

20 June 2012

Martin Jenkinson, London born photographer, trade unionist and founding member of EPUK with a sympathetic eye for the Northern working traditions has died at the age of 64.

Harlot's shame

1 June 2012

When latex fashion designers House of Harlot refused to pay for a copyright infringement Bath fetish photographer Emma Delves-Broughton took them to the Patents County Court in London and won.

Copyright in the 21st century

5 May 2012

Living in the digital age has meant an unprecedented exploitation of photographs writes David Hoffman

Repeat offender?

3 March 2012

A British professional photographer is being accused by photographers from around the world of using their copyright images as his own – for a second time!
EPUK member Si Barber investigates.

EPUK relaunches galleryf

11 November 2011

The Elements: Water is the first exhibition on the galleryf online shop now run by Editorial Photographers UK.

All Dafydd's art parties

1 October 2011

An exhibition of photographs of the art gallery party scene taken by society photographer Dafydd Jones opens in London on Friday.

Mike Russell, advertising and street photographer and digital pioneer

17 August 2011

The advertising and street photographer Mike Russell has died from cancer. He was an early practitioner of digital technology and a passionate environmentalist.

Government response to Hargreaves condemned by BPC

4 August 2011

The Government response to the Hargreaves Review ignores moral rights and leaves orphan works open to exploitation, says John Toner chair of the British Photographic Council.

Castlerock dolls top Press Photographer's Year 2011

18 July 2011

An image by Charles McQuillan of a child and a life-like doll has won Photograph of the Year in The Press Photographer’s Year 2011.

Artists' Bill of Rights campaign aims to protect creators' IP.

11 April 2011

A new campaign which aims to to defend the rights of creative artists has been launched today, following a successful earlier campaign by Pro-Imaging.

Penny Tweedie (1940-2011)

24 January 2011

The photographic industry pays tribute to the respected photojournalist who documented Aboriginal culture and
turned her camera away from the bayoneting of prisoners in Bangladesh in 1971.

Met cough up for unprovoked attack

6 December 2010

A photographer who was severely assaulted by a police officer in an unprovoked attack has accepted an out of court settlement of £30,000.

Graham Bool (1948-2010)

20 September 2010

Photographer, international sportsman and generous member of EPUK and the photographic community.

The Untried States of Photography

1 September 2010

As Professional Photographer magazine launches The United States of Photography – a UK-based email list for photographers that bears a remarkable likeness to EPUK – we offer some advice to editor Grant Scott on what may lie ahead for his well-meaning project.

The London Photographic Association - A Plucked Vulture

17 August 2010

Neil Burgess is outraged and EPUK are angry, but that doesn’t stop us from offering some quiet advice to the LPA who are finding it difficult to admit they copied and republished one of our articles as their own without permission.

Feeding off the corpse of photojournalism

15 August 2010

It didn’t take long for the vultures to descend on the still warm corpse of photojournalism when EPUK published one of its most successful articles.

Beating a hasty retreat

5 August 2010

The Royal Photographic Society thought supplying free pictures to big business was a good idea. Not now. EPUK’s Andrew Wiard and David Hoffman report on a Royal climb-down.

Industry survey: Freelance photographers who keep copyright earn 33% more

6 July 2010

Freelance photographers who follow industry best practice on copyright earn on average 33% more a year than those who routinely give their copyright to their clients, according to new research from the British Photographic Council. Report by Nick McGowan-Lowe

Looking at the bigger picture in Derby

6 May 2010

Before the second National Photography Symposium kicks off in Derby tomorrow, organiser Paul Herrmann explains why it is important to debate the issues that threaten the photographic industry today.

Alex Rumford's Asia

21 April 2010

An exhibition of photographs of Asia by EPUK member Alex Rumford has opened at the Jacksons Lane Theatre in Highgate, London.

Eight Questions BAPLA Must Answer

12 April 2010

When BAPLA wrote to the Government regarding the controversial Clause 43 of the Digital Economy Bill the association claimed to be speaking on behalf of a united photographic industry. It wasn’t. BAPLA ignored thousands of photographers lobbying to stop the clause. In an open letter to BAPLA, EPUK asks “Why?”

PPY 2010 has April 16th deadline, book to return

1 April 2010

Organisers of The Press Photographer’s Year, the only competition to showcase news and sports photography taken for the UK news media, have set a short deadline for entries and promise the return of the acclaimed PPY annual in 2010.

EPUK briefs Lords on the Digital Economy Bill

8 March 2010

As the Report stage of the Digital Economy Bill recommences in the House of Lords today, EPUK identifies the issues of greatest importance to UK photographers.

RNLI: "Establish Who Owns Copyright"

2 March 2010

One of Britain’s oldest charities, the RNLI has stressed the importance of respecting copyright and the need to contact photographers to obtain their permission before using photographs in promotional material.

Mandelson's Digital Economy Bill: A Future Fair For Photographers?

25 February 2010

As Business Secretary Lord Mandelson’s Digital Economy Bill moves to the report stage, and the COPYRIGHT ACTION web site gets 60,000 page views from anxious photographers, EPUK reveals how the bill’s clause on orphan works spells an uncertain future for photographers and publishers alike.

NUJ votes to launch new photographers branch

20 September 2009

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ), which represents around 2,300 editorial photographers, has taken a groundbreaking decision to establish a new photographers’ branch.

Tradeclips launch provides videographers with new way to distribute multimedia content

5 July 2009

A new service which allows editorial photographers and videographers to store and syndicate multimedia content is being launched this month by a UK company.

Police contradictions over 'journalists database' spark NUJ complaint

16 June 2009

Solicitors acting for the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) are to make a formal complaint to the Data Commissioner over the failure of the Met police to provide details under the Data Protection Act of their surveillance of journalists.

National Trust lose high profile photographer in competition rights row.

16 May 2009

Renowned photographer Simon Norfolk has pulled out of a major National Trust photographic project in protest over rights-grabbing terms in an associated competition run by the conservation body.

BPPA's 'Unseen' showcases the great unpublished photojournalism

22 March 2009

A new book by members of the British Press Photographers Association (BPPA) showcases great editorial images that never saw the light of day.

Survey shows photographers face increasing pressure over copyright

7 March 2009

Professional photographers are coming under increasing pressure to hand over their rights, with those working in the editorial markets hardest hit, according to a new industry-wide report into the photography sector.

Klimchuk/ Chikhladze Appeal Money Reaches Bereaved Families

22 October 2008

An EPUK appeal to help the families of a photographer and journalist killed in South Ossetia this year raised over £1300. Families and colleagues send thanks as donation arrives.

EPUK appeal on behalf of Sasha Klimchuk and Giga Chikhladze.

31 August 2008

They promised to take care of each other’s families should one of them die. But photographer Sasha Klimchuk and journalist Giga Chikhladze were killed in the same incident. Now their families need help.

Herald-Times face prospect of more industrial action over photographers contracts

31 August 2008

The Glasgow-based Herald-Times newspaper group faces the prospect of further industrial action, following attempts to force through controversial changes to the working conditions of both staff and freelance photographers working for the titles.

Obituary: Richard Mills

28 July 2008

The body of photographer Richard Mills was yesterday flown home after the photographer was found dead in his hotel room while on assignment for the Times in Zimbabwe.

Keegan family considers independent inquiry

22 June 2008

The family of murdered photojournalist Trent Keegan have said they are considering launching their own investigation into his death in Kenya.

Obituary: Trent Keegan, 1974-2008

31 May 2008

The sudden death of respected photojournalist has deprived the industry of a great talent and a great friend, writes his former colleague Caitlin O’Hanlon.

Photographer Trent Keegan found dead in Kenya

28 May 2008

Photojournalist and Ireland-based EPUK member Trent Keegan has been found dead in Nairobi in suspicious circumstances.

NUJ condemns "free for all" US Orphan Works legislation

25 May 2008

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has become the first UK organisation representing photographers to publicly oppose the proposed US ‘Orphan Works’ legislation, saying it “utterly rejects” the bills currently going through the House and Senate.

Kaycappa cleared on appeal of Mills assault

20 May 2008

A paparazzo photographer’s convictions for assaulting Heather Mills McCartney and her personal trainer have been quashed after she failed to attend court to give evidence at his appeal.

AP photographer Bilal Hussein freed by US after two years

16 April 2008

Associated Press photographer Bilal Hussein was today freed from US military custody after being imprisoned for 735 days without any formal charges ever being filed against him.

Iraqi court orders release of AP's Hussein after 728 days

9 April 2008

Updated: After 728 days of being held by the US Military, the Iraqi Federal Appeals Court has dismissed terrorism charges against Associated Press (AP) photographer Bilal Hussein, and has ordered his immediate release.

Met Police to relax London photography restrictions in pilot scheme

1 April 2008

A pilot scheme set to begin next month will see the Metropolitan Police taking a less restrictive approach to street photography in the capital by agreeing not to approach registered photographers.

Pro Imaging launches campaign against 'rights-grab' photo competitions

14 March 2008

Pro-Imaging, the photographers’ organisation and discussion list has launched a campaign to name and shame photographic competitions which fail to meet fair standards.

Birmingham police officer 'forced press photographer to delete images'

2 March 2008

A photographer from a Birmingham-based photographic agency has raised a complaint with West Midlands Police following an incident in which he says a police officer forced him to delete images from his memory card.

Injured photographer wins settlement, costs and apology from Met Police

25 February 2008

A photographer who was badly injured following police action during a demonstration in Parliament Square in October 2006 has agreed an out of court-settlement from the Metropolitan Police Service.

UK's Tim Hetherington wins 2007 World Press Photo

8 February 2008

British photographer and film-maker Tim Hetherington has won the 51st World Press Photo 2007 Award with a photograph of a US soldier resting in a bunker in Afghanistan.

Afghan girl to receive medical treatment following EPUK member's campaign

3 February 2008

A three year old Afghan girl suffering from a tumour is to receive vital medical treatment following a campaign by Italian photojournalist and EPUK member Kash Gabrielle Torsello.

The 2007 EPUK Golden Cameraphone Awards

30 December 2007

They’re back! Bigger and badder than ever, it’s the annual EPUK Golden Cameraphone Awards. Check out how you did, and get your lawyers to call our lawyers in the morning…

'Ethical' and 'honest' Guardian lied about NUJ endorsement for controversial contract

20 December 2007

Guardian News and Media (GNM) – a company which prides itself on integrity, honesty and ethical corporate values – has given photographers just six working days to agree to controversial new terms which it is falsely claiming have been endorsed by both the National Union of Journalists and BAPLA.

How the Guardian told its freelances of its new contract

20 December 2007

One week before Christmas, and six working days before the contract was to take effect, Guardian News Media, publishers of the Guardian and the Observer told its freelance photographers that if they wanted to continue working, they had to agree to new terms, or get any variations approved by a managing editor. GNM’s full email appears below.

After 606 days, AP's Hussein finally appears in court

9 December 2007

AP photographer Bilal Hussein today finally learned of the allegations which have seen him held for 20 months in a US military prison.

Guardian Weekend caught running second rights-grab competition

9 December 2007

The Guardian – a newspaper which prides itself on its fair treatment of professional photographers – appears to have no qualms about running competitions which exploit amateur photographers, after being caught running a lucrative ‘rights-grabbing’ competition for the second time.

AP asks Maliki: Ensure that justice is done in Hussein hearing

3 December 2007

The letter below was delivered this week to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ahead of Bilal Hussein’s court appearance. In it AP President and CEO Tom Curley says the AP believes “the real reason for Mr. Hussein’s detention and incarceration for 19 months without charges is that he produced images of conflict…which the military did not want the citizens of Iraq and the United States to see.”

Bilal Hussein: terrorist or journalist ?

1 December 2007

While no formal charges have yet been made against alleged “terrorist media operative” AP photographer Bilal Hussein in the nineteen months since his arrest, the US military have made a number of allegations, some of which appear to have since been retracted. AP commissioned lawyer and former federal prosecutor Paul Gardephe to conduct an investigation into the allegations.

AP's Bilal Hussein to finally face "terrorist" charges on December 9th

1 December 2007

The US military is to finally bring a court hearing against Associated Press (AP) photographer Bilal Hussein on 9th December, 606 days after the Iraqi was first taken into custody.

Getty Images wins 'plagiarism' appeal over lookalike photograph

16 November 2007

Getty Images have won a landmark legal case after persuading a court that a photograph used in a high profile French advertising campaign was copied from one of its stock images.

Obituary: Philippe Hays

4 November 2007

Photographer and long-term EPUK member Philippe Hays died suddenly on Wednesday. He was 45.

Campaign by EPUK member frees Iraqi interpreter

28 October 2007

An Iraqi journalist and interpreter who was imprisoned without charge for almost 1,000 days has been dramatically freed following a campaign by photographer and EPUK member Gary Trotter.

NUJ attempts to bring closure to Drogheda controversy

28 September 2007

NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear has attempted to bring the Drogheda Independent house agreement debate to a diplomatic end, following two months of controversy which has severely damaged the union’s standing among photographers.

NUJ's Drogheda Independent deal is opposed by 80% of photographers

20 September 2007

An EPUK survey of professional editorial photographers shows a clear grassroots opposition to the Drogheda Independent house agreement and strong dissatisfaction with the National Union of Journalists’s handling of the controversy.

The full results of the NUJ/Drogheda Independent survey

20 September 2007

The full results of the EPUK survey into whether the NUJ’s Drogheda Independent house agreement has affected perceptions of the union among photographers.

NUJ denies that it shut down discussion forum to stifle debate on Drogheda

13 September 2007

The National Union of Journalists has today denied claims made in its own magazine that it closed an official discussion board to stifle grassroots debate on a controversial decision made by one of its most powerful committees.

Bristol Rovers place ban on photographers "to protect media rights"

24 August 2007

Bristol Rovers Football Club have announced that they are to ban all freelance photographers and agencies from its local league matches, with only its club photographer and local newspapers being allowed access.

Closed NUJPhoto discussion list replaced by lookalike NVJPhoto list

17 August 2007

The founder of the NUJPhoto discussion list, which was closed following intervention from the NUJ’s Jeremy Dear, has set up a new independent email list for photographers to discuss union and business issues.

Photographer sentenced for Mills-McCartney assaults

16 August 2007

Paparazzo Jay Kaycappa has been ordered to serve 140 hours community service after being found guilty of two assaults on Lady Heather Mills-McCartney and her companion last year.

Nottingham photographer found guilty of police obstruction

16 August 2007

A Nottingham photographer who helped draft the guidelines used by the police for dealing with the press has been found guilty of obstructing a police officer while photographing an armed incident.

Jenkins: NUJ interference to blame for photographers' list closure

6 August 2007

The National Union of Journalists’ credibility among photographers appears to be at an all-time low after a week in which the union’s only photographers’ forum was shut down following direct intervention by General Secretary Jeremy Dear, and an emergency union meeting endorsed the controversial Drogheda Independent house agreement.

Union endorses controversial Drogheda Independent agreement

3 August 2007

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has refused to reject the controversial Drogheda Independent House Agreement. The proposed deal would see the union gaining a closed shop agreement and better terms for reporters, in return for agreeing that they can take photographs as part of their job.

The NUJ's statement in full

3 August 2007

The full statement made by the Emergency Committee of the National Executive Council today, endorsing the proposed Drogheda Independent house agreement.

Photographers discussion list closed after intervention from NUJ officials

1 August 2007

A private photographers’ email discussion list has in the last few hours announced itself as having closed after it came under pressure from the NUJ hierarchy to accept a membership application from a high ranking union official.

Irish Executive Committee asks NEC to reject Drogheda Independent agreement

27 July 2007

The NUJ’s Irish Executive Council (IEC) has voted to refer the decision as to whether accept the controversial Drogheda Independent house agreement to the union’s National Executive Committee (NEC), and has made a recommendation that it should be rejected.

Fury as NUJ "sells out" Drogheda photographers for 'closed shop' agreement

25 July 2007

Irish NUJ members are furious over a proposed house agreement with the Drogheda Independent group in which the union has agreed that newspaper photographs should in future be taken by reporters using cameraphones.

Newsquest's Herald titles hit by huge walkout in strike over redundancies

20 July 2007

More than 250 staff have today walked out of the offices of the Glasgow-based Herald, Sunday Herald and Evening Times in the first strike at a major Scottish newspaper in 17 years.

Paparazzo may face jail after being found guilty of of Mills-McCartney assaults

11 July 2007

A freelance paparazzi photographer with 132 previous convictions for dishonesty has been told he may face a jail sentence after being found guilty of two assaults on Heather Mills-McCartney and her companion.

Photographer accused of "four second" assault on Heather Mills-McCartney

5 July 2007

A freelance paparazzo sent to photograph Heather Mills McCartney has been accused in court of attacking and injuring her in a Brighton subway during a four second gap in a sequence of digital photographs.

Visa Pour l'Image founder attacks "boring, meaningless" entries for this year's festival

30 May 2007

Jean-François Leroy, director and founder of the annual Visa Pour l’Image photojournalism festival, has made an outspoken attack on contemporary photojournalists, describing them as talentless and unimaginative.

Jean-François Leroy's outburst: the full text

30 May 2007

Here is the full text of Visa Pour l’Image’s founder Jean-François Leroy, in which he describes this year’s entries for the world renowned photojournalism festival as “boring” and “meaningless”.

Court challenge to npower injunction lifts restrictions on photography at Radley Lakes

15 May 2007

Energy giant RWE Npower have agreed to vary the terms of their controversial injunction served on press photographer Adrian Arbib following a legal challenge by civil liberties organisation Liberty and work by the National Union of Journalists.

Multi-media leaves stills standing as ten into VII adds up in London

21 April 2007

All ten members of the influential VII Photo
Agency gathered in London last week for the first European
VII Seminar. EPUK member Graham Harrison reports.

Marketplace is just the latest step in a ten year vision, says Digital Railroad CEO Nisselson

14 April 2007

Digital Railroad founder and CEO Evan Nisselson has told EPUK that this week’s beta launch of their flagship product Marketplace is just the latest stage in a plan for the company which began a decade ago.

NUJ puts back 'photographers organiser' vote for another year

14 April 2007

The centenary Annual Delegates Meeting of the National Union of Journalists have voted to defer the decision as to whether to appoint a full time Photographers Organiser for at least another year.

Independent titles to abandon digital and return to shooting on film

1 April 2007

In less than 24 hours, the Independent and Independent on Sunday photographers are to abandon digital photography, and are to return to shooting solely on black and white 35mm film stock, EPUK has learned.

Npower injunction judge: It was never meant to be used against professional photographers

8 March 2007

Correspondence obtained by EPUK reveals that Justice Calvert-Smith, who granted the injunction used by npower against news photographers, never intended it to be used against the press.

"Photographers being arrested to seize evidence" claim at NUJ Photographers' Conference

3 March 2007

The first NUJ Photographers’ Conference heard claims that police are using their powers of arrest to seize journalists’ material and circumvent the Special Procedure Material protections in the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

The npower statements that persuaded a court to ban photography at Radley Lakes

22 February 2007

Following the controversial serving of an injunction of press photographer and EPUK member Adrian Arbib, we can now reveal the evidence used by npower to persuade a court to ban all photography of its employees and contractors at Radley Lakes, Oxfordshire.

The npower injunction in full

20 February 2007

Here is the full text of the injunction served by npower’s solicitors on news photographer and EPUK member Adrian Arbib who has been covering the energy company’s controversial ash dumping at an Oxfordshire beauty spot.

Npower places injunction on EPUK member covering environmental protest

16 February 2007

Two solicitors and four black clad security guards working for Npower have served a high court injunction on a working press photographer covering the energy company’s controversial activities at an Oxfordshire beauty spot.

MPOE amends competition terms but fails to stop controversy

16 February 2007

The organiser of the “Million Places on Earth” photography competition has defended a target of 5,000,000 entries as “achievable”, but it seems likely that any potential winner would never see a penny of the prize money.

Revealed: the "$2m prize" photography competition that is unlikely to ever pay out

9 February 2007

The small print of a ‘rights-grabbing’ photography competition offering two million dollars in prize money means it is unlikely to ever have to pay out, while allowing the organisers to profit by exploiting the work of amateur photographers.

Picture Editors Awards' "could still be saved" for 2007

7 February 2007

Just ten days after announcing that the 2007 awards would not be held due to lack of funding, Chairman Glyn Genin has announced that last minute sponsorship could mean the event will be saved.

Reuters reveal fallout of Hajj controversy

19 January 2007

Reuters Editor-in-Chief David Schlesinger has revealed that an internal investigation at the global news agency which led to the sacking of a senior picture editor has blamed “human error” for the distribution of two digitally manipulated images.

The 2006 EPUK Golden Sureshot Awards

28 December 2006

Dig out your tux, powder your nose, get ready for a night out in the gutter. The votes are counted, the fix is in, and the losers are…

The NUJ Photographers' Conference: why it matters, and why you should be there.

22 December 2006

Plans are well underway for the NUJ’s inaugural Photographers Conference, to be held next February.

What the Gowers Review means for photographers

8 December 2006

The most wide ranging review into UK intellectual property for almost twenty years has failed to recommend key changes proposed by photographers groups whilst advocating a UK equivalent to the controversial US “orphan works” bill.

Mirror's digital editions "likely to infringe photographers' copyright"

23 November 2006

Trinity Mirror has not sought permission from copyright owners to republish back issues of the Daily Mirror in electronic PDF format, EPUK has learned.

Shell: rights-grabbing competition justified because 'only aimed at amateurs'

23 November 2006

Shell has refused to alter rights-grabbing terms in the Shell/Telegraph “Capturing Movement” photography competition, defending its actions by insisting that the competition is only targeting amateur photographers.

Alamy CEO: AlamyRank "not disadvantaging specialist contributors"

16 November 2006

Alamy CEO James West has defended the introduction of new algorithms after contributing photographers saw their images dropping further down Alamy search results.

Photojournalist and EPUK member "Kash" Torsello released by kidnappers

3 November 2006

Photographer Gabrielle “Kash” Torsello was today reported to be safe and well after being kidnapped in southern Afghanistan 22 days ago.

Italian Muslims, NUJ and Taliban call for Torsello release as negotiations continue

26 October 2006

There were further pleas today for the release of kidnapped Italian photojournalist Gabriele Torsello who has now been missing in Afghanistan for 14 days.

Torsello's safety in doubt after second kidnap demand turned down by Italy

19 October 2006

Muslim peer Lord Nazir Ahmed and the family of kidnapped Italian “Kash” Gabriele Torsello have appealed for his safe return after his captors threatened to kill the photojournalist unless Italian troops withdraw from Afghanistan.

CPS ordered to hand over photographs as Lodge trial adjourned

17 October 2006

The Crown Prosecution Service was today given 21 days to hand over potential evidence to a Nottingham freelance arrested while photographing a police operation.

Photojournalist 'Kash' Torsello kidnapped by Afghan gunmen

14 October 2006

Photographer and EPUK member Gabriele Torsello has been kidnapped in southern Afghanistan, according to Afghan news agency reports.

Guardian backs down on competition 'rights-grab' after NUJ intervene

8 October 2006

After pressure from the NUJ, and following discussions with co-sponsor Canon, The Guardian has finally agreed to drop a ‘rights-grabbing’ clause from the terms of a weekly photography competition in its Weekend Magazine.

Fury as Guardian keeps 'rights-grab' in revised competition terms

4 October 2006

The Guardian Weekend Magazine – who on Monday said its original ‘rights-grabbing’ competition rules were an ‘oversight’ – has now refused to delete a clause in the amended competition terms which gives the Guardian the right to forever reuse, exploit and profit from any photographs entered.

Guardian left red-faced over "inadvertent" competition rights-grab

2 October 2006

The Guardian’s Weekend Magazine has quickly reversed the terms of a Canon-sponsored copyright-grabbing competition and branded the rules “an oversight” after an outcry amongst both amateur and professional photographers.

"Video is the future for Telegraph photographers" says Nicol

28 September 2006

Newly appointed Telegraph Executive Editor (Pictures) Stuart Nicol, who is set to join the troubled newspaper group on October 16th, has told EPUK that the future of the Telegraph’s photojournalism lies in shooting video.

Telegraph 'coup' claims two more picture editors

28 September 2006

Two further picture desk redundancies at the Telegraph titles, and the announcement of the arrival date of Stuart Nicol comes amid a growing battle for control of the titles between editors and management

Three senior Telegraph Group picture editors leave as Nicol appointment confirmed

21 September 2006

Three of the Telegraph Group’s most senior picture editors are to leave ahead of the newspapers’ move from Canary Wharf to a custom built newsroom in Victoria, it was confirmed today.

Nikon/Opodo 'rights-grabbing' competition rules changed after protests

19 September 2006

The entry rules of the Opodo Reflections photographic competition have been changed following an outcry over Nikon UK’s involvement in the ‘rights grabbing’ photographic competition.

Shock as Nikon UK endorses 'rights-grabbing' competition

14 September 2006

Photography giant Nikon has astonished both professional photographers and industry commentators with its endorsement of a high-profile ‘rights grabbing’ competition.

Rights grab at "thelondonpaper" raises fears for other News International titles

30 August 2006

Potential contributors to News International’s new freesheet “thelondonpaper” have been sent a copyright grabbing contract in what is believed to be an experiment to gauge hostility to rights grabs before introducing them across all News International titles.

AlamyUpload: a sneak preview

25 August 2006

Stock library Alamy is just weeks away from launching its online upload service, EPUK understands. The new service, exclusively previewed here, will allow contributors to upload images directly from their desktop, instead of having to submit them by CD as at present.

Emap tells photographers: "Give up copyright to get more work"

10 August 2006

A week after EPUK revealed that magazine publisher Emap was sending out rights grabbing contracts, Emap reveals that it is still prepared to let freelance photographers work under the old “first use” terms, but that it will favour those who surrender their copyright.

Emap magazines issue "rights grab" contracts to freelance photographers

3 August 2006

Photographers working for a large number of magazines published by media giant Emap have expressed concern to EPUK after being sent revised “rights-grabbing” contributor contracts.

"Copyright whistleblower" was unfairly dismissed, tribunal rules.

29 June 2006

A tribunal has awarded £26,000 to Jewish News staff photographer David Katz who was unlawfully dismissed after revealing alleged management-endorsed systematic breaches of copyright at the title.

Photographers protest against TUC flash ban

24 May 2006

The TUC has banned flash photography at its TUC Disability Conference this week and branded it as a risk to epileptic members , contrary to its own guidelines as well as the advice of the British Epilepsy Association.

Trial set for Nottingham photographer

23 May 2006

A trial date has been set for a Nottingham photographer, who is accused of obstructing a police officer while doing his job. Alan Lodge – a freelance photographer and NUJ member – appeared before Nottingham Magistrates today for a pre-trial review.

Battle cry from Scottish Photographers

19 May 2006

Sunday, 9pm: Channel Four airs ‘Braveheart’, a story of how plucky Scots (led by a short Australian) rose up to overcome oppression. Two days later, Scots photographers meeting in Glasgow decide to form the Scottish Press Photographers Association. Just coincidence ?

About Wheal

12 April 2006

Senior officers of the National Union of Journalists, including General Secretary Jeremy Dear, have moved to distance the union from wayward activist Chris Wheal in the wake of the storm created by the latter’s comments to the British Journal of Photography last week.

Stealer's Wheal

9 April 2006

As the deadline for submission to the Gowers review of copyright legislation approaches, EPUK expects publishers and corporates to be lobbying hard. We would expect them to argue that freelance ownership of copyright in commissioned works was inhibiting their business opportunities, and competitiveness.

BPPA, NUJ, CIJ herald new deal with Met

3 March 2006

A joint effort by the National Union of Journalists, the British Press Photographers’ Association, and the Chartered Institute of Journalists has resulted in a new set of guidelines being agreed with London’s Metropolitan Police.

Shutterstock Spam Shock

19 January 2006

When the email starts with “Dear friend”,you just know that you are going to be asked to offer your bank account details, address, mother’s maiden name, pin number, and blood group so that the widow of the director of the International Remittance Central Bank of Sierra-Leone, who died suddenly in 2001, can stash some “hot” funds in your account – and cut you in on a 35pc share of 50 million US dollars.

Re-inventing The Wheal

5 January 2006

It’s easy to become blasé about assaults on copyright, that lifeblood of the freelance photographer and writer. It seems everyone’s trying to grab a piece of what Mark Getty, Chairman of Getty Images, the world’s largest photo agency, has referred to as “the oil of the 21st century”.

New Year's Resolutions from around the Photographic Industry

1 January 2006

We asked leading photographic industry bodies what their New Year’s resolutions were. The answers were somewhat surprising…

Scots taught a lesson in stinginess by Trinity Mirror

9 December 2005

The announcement by Trinity Mirror to effectively axe The Mirror’s Scottish office yesterday forced its 31-strong office to walk out, as rumours emerged of plans to let PA take over the picture desks of both it and its sister publication Daily Record.

Seasonal Punch

6 December 2005

Perhaps with an eye to more lucrative paparazzo work, it seems freelance photographer Steve Farrell, 30, of Liverpool, may be trying to convince certain fist-eager celebrities that it’s OK to punch photographers after all.

Lord Lichfield remembered

14 November 2005

Royal photographer Patrick Lichfield died suddenly from a stroke at the age of 66 last Friday. The sad event led many EPUKers to post on list their anecdotes about him, which are reposted here with permission.

Red faces for police over IPTC cock-up

6 November 2005

Lothian and Borders Police had to move quickly to defuse an embarrassing situation after inadvertently revealing the names of photographers whose work they are using to trace individuals involved in the Edinburgh G8 riots in July.

Scotsman photographers win!

21 May 2005

Photographers who were in dispute with The Scotsman newspapers (The Scotsman Publications Limited – TSPL) are celebrating a comprehensive legal victory over the company in a major copyright infringement case.

It was The Sun wot lost it

19 March 2004

Nicking a photograph and claiming that there wasn’t time to ask permission before publication is very naughty. “Publish and be damned” is unlawful said the judge in the case of the Princess and the Sun.

British Press Photographers Association relaunches

24 February 2003

As a profession, press photography has been pegged just below estate agency in public attitude surveys. Confronted with this perception of the industry the British Press Photographers Association, originally founded in 1984, is once more setting out to represent all press photographers who work in the UK to raise the profile of the profession by promoting and inspiring the highest ethical, technical and creative standards.

Newspapers United 1, Celtic 0

25 July 2002

Celtic were knocked out of planet football last night by the power of the Scottish Press. Today, there were no photographs of Celtic’s famous hoops anywhere. All newspapers and freelance photographers boycotted their game against Ajax Amsterdam last night. Some didn’t even bother with a match report.

IPC Rights Grabbing Contract: Angry letters exchanged

23 July 2002

The IPC rights-grabbing contracts fiasco rumbles on and on…

Five Secret IPC Contracts

23 July 2002

That IPC Memo in full

Five Clause Trick - IPC's Secret Contracts

23 July 2002

After last week’s rumpus over IPC’s new Core Contributors’ Agreement comes the intriguing news that the company has not one contract on offer, but five.

IPC Cancel Contract Talks

23 July 2002

IPC Media, Britain’s largest magazine publishers, have cancelled talks scheduled with photographers’ representatives over the company’s proposed new contributors’ contract.

Cock up or Conspiracy ? How to respond

8 July 2002

Photographers contributing to titles owned by IPC Media, the UK’s largest magazine publisher, received an unpleasant surprise last week – a new contract and accompanying revised terms and conditions. And this is how we at EPUK think you should respond

Cock up or Conspiracy ? Those letters in full

8 July 2002

Photographers contributing to titles owned by IPC Media, the UK’s largest magazine publisher, received an unpleasant surprise last week – a new contract and accompanying revised terms and conditions.

Cock-up Or Conspiracy? - IPC's rights grab

2 July 2002

Photographers contributing to titles owned by IPC Media, the UK’s largest magazine publisher, received an unpleasant surprise last week – a new contract and accompanying revised terms and conditions.

Corbis Confidential - "There's A Virus In The System"

6 February 2002

On January 29, the day after the strike began, the Paris photographers attempted to spread news of events via Corbis’ internal e-mail. However shortly after they e-mailed Corbis offices world wide their message was apparently deleted from the server, and a further e-mail was posted from company headquarters in Bellevue warning employees that the original mail contained a virus and should not be opened.

Shutdown - Inside The Corbis Paris Commune

6 February 2002

News production at Corbis, the photo agency owned by Bill Gates, has been thrown into chaos by a strike at the Paris headquarters of Corbis-Sygma, the agency’s main news gathering operation.

SYGMA: the death of an agency

6 February 2002

Sygma, the legendary photo-press agency, leader for the past thirty years in the field of photojournalism, has been floored within two years by Corbis, the U.S. Corporation.

Good News From Getty

11 January 2002

[Yes. Really.]

British Photographer To Answer Charges In The Land Of The Free

18 December 2001

Morgan, 45 years old, a veteran freelance photographer with a long and impressive client list and over twenty years experience, had been assigned by Greenpeace to cover one of their actions in the States. He’d shot this kind of job for them before, and knew the drill – get the pictures, and get them out fast, to Reuters & AFP.

Steve Morgan allowed to travel back to the UK

24 October 2001

EPUK member Steve Morgan, known nationally and internationally for his news and environmental photography, has at long last been allowed to travel back to the UK following his arrest in July.

Bill Biggart killed at World Trade Centre

18 September 2001

Photographer amongst thousands of dead: photographers’ fund open for contributions

Press photographer runs for NUJ General Secretary

10 September 2001

Photographer Kevin Cooper is running to become the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) General Secretary. It is nearly a decade since the Union has had a working journalist at the top and it has never before had a photographer.

Rights grab update: Inside Magazine sees sense

10 September 2001

Rapid action by EPUK and other photographers has brought a speedy resolution to what could have been a difficult problem when Inside Communications attempted a rights grab on photographers. Inside Communications, publishers of Inside Housing, say that all photographers need do is delete the copyright clause in the letter sent to them last month.

Bull in a Curry House

3 September 2001

Displaying the survival instincts of a man who blunders into a minefield and thinks his best course of action is to run in circles and stamp his feet, BJP editor Jon Tarrant did it again last week.

BJP's Jon Tarrant on copyright

3 September 2001

British Journal of Photography editor Jon Tarrant thinks the Red Bull competition copyright grab is A Good Thing. But what does he say about copyright in his book “Professional Press, Editorial & PR Photography” ?

Dear Jon...

31 August 2001

BJP editor Jon Tarrant wrote of the Red Bull rights grab fiasco: “As for forums ‘expressing disappointment with the BJP’, such concerns should be addressed to the magazine – assuming that the people concerned have the balls.”. We’ve got the balls, Jon. Bring it on.

Bullshot: How Red Bull Has Young Photographers In Its Sights

27 August 2001

Imagine showing your portfolio to a new client. At the end of the interview you leave your pictures behind for them to use however they want. Sound daft ? Well, that’s what Red Bull want from you.

Red Bull rights grab: photographers respond

27 August 2001

The BJP editor Jon Tarrant has tried to pass off the Red Bull rights-grab fiasco as a storm in a tea-cup, but it’s been more like a brawl in a cow pat, and just as messy.

Grab 'em while you can

27 August 2001

Spot the Catch! Updating paperwork?
No, its a rights grab…....You have been warned!

Red Bull: Neither Jealous nor Ignorant

22 August 2001

The ‘Comment’ “Extreme sports – take ‘em or leave ‘em” (British Journal of Photography 22.08.2001) is shocking, outrageous and insulting, say photographers.

The BJP - A Load Of Red Bull

21 August 2001

British Journal of Photography readers could be forgiven for being puzzled when that august journal launched a new contest in it’s August 22nd 2001 issue, Red Bull In Focus, with a defence of the contest rules and a vitriolic attack on a section of its own readership.

British Photographer Steve Morgan jailed in US

19 July 2001

A British freelance photographer is facing a possible eleven year prison sentence in California after being arrested at Vandenberg United States Air Force base on Saturday whilst photographing a Greenpeace organised protest against the recent Star Wars missile test.

Getty kill off Colorific

19 July 2001

Colorific, the formerly successful UK photo agency bought by loss-making Getty Images a little over a year ago, has effectively been closed down by the parent company.

Reuters in negotiations to buy Sipa Press

18 July 2001

A EPUK Exclusive reveals that Sipa Press, the last of the big independent French photo agencies, is under negotiation for sale to Reuters.

Redunderific! Getty decimates Colorific

18 July 2001

Last One Out, Switch Off The Lightbox…Mass Layoffs At Getty – Shares Fall 13%... “You Can’t Have Those Pictures Anymore”

The Tasini Decision - Victory for Freelance Authors

2 July 2001

M’ Learned Friends Write: Charles Swan and Kazuko Cowley of The Simkins Partnership, one of Europe’s leading media and entertainment law firms, on the Tasini judgement.

Burn The Binaries: All The History We're Cheap Enough To Steal

1 July 2001

The New York Times likes to paint itself as the newspaper of record and the guardian of history – but only if there’s a buck in it.

Redunderific: Colorific write to contributors

27 June 2001

Getty-owned Colorific to stop stock and travel images: we reproduce the letter sent to contributors below

Business am & Scottish Photographers Agree

3 June 2001

The NUJ and Snap (Scottish Newspapers Association of Photographers) have this week reached agreement with Scottish business daily Business AM on the new terms for the employment of freelance photographers.

Win Win Win With The Scotsman!

1 June 2001

Following various private offers made by Scotsman picture editors to staff photographers around the country, EPUK is proud to publicise their kind offer

Getty's bad week ends with picket lines in New York

15 May 2001

For Getty Images CEO Jonathan Klein, picket lines and angry photographers seem to be becoming a way of life.

ASMP's Position On The Getty Contract

13 May 2001

“Offensive, insulting, unfair, unreasonable …if it were not drafted by attorneys, we would call it a ‘con’ ”, writes the American Society of Media Photographers Executive Director Richard Weisgrau

Suffering in Seattle

13 May 2001

A bad week for Getty Images: Photographers picket Getty HQ…SAA blast Getty contract as “not in any photographer’s best interests”...Getty sorry for “obscene” PhotoDisc advert…ASMP thinks Getty contract could be a “con”

Lawyers Condemn New Getty Contract

12 May 2001

Proposed contract “not in any photographer’s best interests”, claim Stock Artists Alliance

Getty Images: the apology in full

12 May 2001

Getty Images have apologised for a “insensitive, obscene and offensive” advertisement for PhotoDisc, a Getty company, which raised a storm of protest both among their own contributors and the industry at large. Here is their apology in full:

Getty Images Apologise For "Unacceptable" Advert

12 May 2001

Getty Images have apologised for a “insensitive, obscene and offensive” advertisement for PhotoDisc, a Getty company, which raised a storm of protest both among their own contributors and the industry at large.

Truth and lies in the Scotsman dispute

9 May 2001

As the dispute between photographers and The Scotsman Publications Ltd over a new contract enters its seventh month, TSPL executives have embarked on a public relations campaign, most recently in the UK Press Gazette.

Scotsman Dispute still deadlocked seven months on

9 May 2001

The start of May saw the beginning of the seventh month of The Scotsman Publications Ltd (TSPL) copyright dispute. Five pay offers, four contracts and four rounds of talks have failed to bring the dispute to a close, despite repeated efforts by SNAP, the Scottish Newspapers’ Association of Photographers, and the National Union of Journalists.

Scotsman photographers told "sign, or you will never work here again"

1 March 2001

The Scotsman turns nasty as “Scotland’s National Newspaper” attempts to force unprecedented rights-grabbing contract on photographers

Scotsman freelances reject new contract

28 February 2001

Contract “represents the worst conditions for freelances working for any UK national newspaper group”.....Photographers must be physically escorted to the picture desk from reception – in case they catch fire?!

It's not legal: lawyers brand Scotsman contract "fatally flawed and self-contradictory"

27 February 2001

A preliminary report produced for photographers working at The Scotsman Publications Limited (TSPL) has found that the “unclear” and “misleading” third Picture Supplier contract contains major legal flaws.

No pictures 'ere mate: London Authority bans photographers

24 February 2001

Photographers working in London’s Trafalgar Square are now routinely approached by GLA ‘Heritage Wardens’ demanding to see their photography permits, without which they are told to stop taking pictures, reports EPUK member Andrew Wiard

Payment chaos at Scotsman Publications

29 January 2001

Cash crisis looms for photographers working for the Edinburgh-based titles

EMPICS call their lawyers in "website copycats" case

29 January 2001

EMPICS, the world’s leading independent sports photo agency, has briefed solicitors after it discovered that Allsport Limited, its giant global rival and part of Getty Images, had allegedly copied text from a number of pages from their website.

Happy New Year: You're Fired

12 January 2001

EPUK World Exclusive: A leaked memo from Corbis, one of the world’s two largest photo agencies which has been pursuing an aggressive takeover campaign of independent agencies, has revealed a wide ranging series of what the company’s Chief Executives call “painful” layoffs.

The Scotsman copyright contract resisted

20 December 2000

Momentum is gathering among freelances in Edinburgh to oppose Scotsman Publications’ rights-grabbing contracts

Trouble at The Scotsman

25 November 2000

Three weeks ago The Scotsman Publications Limited (TSPL), Edinburgh-based publishers of The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday and Edinburgh Evening News called a meeting of all freelance photographers working regularly on shift for the three newspapers.

Copyright attack at Scotsman and Business am

1 November 2000

Rights-grabbing contracts threaten to undermine freelance photographers’ copyright at four Edinburgh-based newspapers

US Justice Department Eyeing Corbis?

5 October 2000

CBS News has reported that US Justice Department officials are asking “serious questions” about how the acquisition of stock photo agencies by Corbis and another conglomerate (we assume they mean Getty) is affecting competition.

Perpignan .... Art market or Meat market?

25 September 2000

EPUK’s Brian Harris reports from Visa pour l’Image – The 12th International festival of Photojournalism, Perpignan, France.

What happened at the Corbis Press Conference?

20 September 2000

Perpignan Update by Frédéric Neema fn@fnphoto.com

Katz sold to Hachette

8 September 2000

After weeks of denial, subterfuge and pretended trips to country hotels while really doing secret deals in France, Katz Pictures finally signed a deal with Hachette on Wednesday in Paris.

Perpignan Report: A photographer writes...

6 September 2000

I arrived in Perpignan afraid no one knew about the Corbis contract issues – I can only say it’s amazing how many people know about the struggle and are concerned.

The Corbis Perpignan Battle Plan

3 September 2000

EPUK Exclusive: A Copy of Corbis’ strategy document “Plan For Pergignan” has been leaked to EPUK. While it’s good to see that Corbis are actually aware that they have problems, what is striking about the document is that it reveals how shallow that awareness is.

They Killed My Agency: Corbis-Sygma Deal In Ruins

3 September 2000

Sygma founder forced out, senior Corbis executive resigns and award winning photographers quit: Corbis, the photo agency founded and owned by Bill Gates, faces yet another public relations disaster after a string of sackings and resignations centred on the company’s Sygma division.

Corbis Cancel Conference

2 September 2000

Hours before the opening of this year’s Visa Pour L’Image in Perpignan, Corbis have cancelled their planned September 8th festival press conference.


12 August 2000

Getty Images have confirmed EPUK’s earlier exclusive report on the restructuring of the Colorific! photo agency, purchased by Getty earlier this year.

Katz Pictures for sale

27 July 2000

Katz Pictures, one of the UK’s most successful photo agencies of the last decade, is under negotiation for sale to Hachette, the largest magazine publishing house in the world.

Exactly Collapses: but the Dream Contract lives on

1 January 2000

Exactly has just collapsed, and with it their advanced plans for ExactPhoto, a new stock agency based on a win/win deal for both photographers and clients. Their draft agency/photographer contract, a model for the entire industry, has been place in the public domain for use by all.

Full Details of the Business Week Deal

1 January 2000

The business model of editorial photography has changed dramatically over the years for both the photographer and the magazine. Unfortunately the model has placed more money and more rights in the hands of the magazines and less in the hands of photographers. I am happy to announce today a change with the business model of a major publication that acknowledges the needs for all parties to benefit, writes Seth Resnick – President of EP (USA)

Business Week rights deal doubles the rates!

1 January 2000

A new freelance deal whereby Business Week pays photographers one hundred per cent extra for more rights marks a defining moment in the battle against rights grabs and sets the standard against which all rights deals should be judged for a decade to come. And it is a triumph for the US EP (Editorial Photo) email campaigning group which is only just over one year old.

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