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Professional Organisations

Association of Photographers

The AOP campaigs on copyright, promotes best practice through information sharing, markets members' work and provides networking opportunities, including the AOP Photography Awards.

British Association of Journalists

The BAJ are a UK trade union for journalists that offers a 24 hour legal helpline, legal help with employment problems and copyright, personal injury insurance, a tax helpline, the UK Press card and free student membership.

British Press Photographers Organisation

The BPPA is an advocacy and professional organisation run by press photographers for press photographers. Also a National Press Card issuer.

Chartered Institute for Journalists

The CIoJ is the oldest professional body for journalists in the world, combining the role of trade union with promotion of ethical standards, the protection of journalistic freedom, training and charitable work, A UK press card issuer.

Designer & Artists Copyright Society

DACS is probably best known among photographers for its annual Payback of secondary licensing fees

National Union of Journalists

The largest and oldest UK trade union for professional journalists, the NUJ represents members within newspapers and agencies, broadcasting, magazines, freelances, books, PR, new media and students. A UK Press Card issuer.

Statutory and Law

Copyright & Related Rights Regulations 2003

Amendments to the 1988 CD&PA regarding metadata

Intellectual Property Office

The IPO is a prolific generator of consultations and is the government body responsible for intellectual property (IP) rights including patents, designs, trade marks and copyright.

IPO Guidance on 2014 changes to copyright

Guidance notes on changes to copyright law, especially Fair Dealing, that were enacted in the 2013 Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act.

IPO Guidance on Orphan Works

Guidance on Orphan Works licensing introduced by the 2013 Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act

Late Payment of Commercial Debt Act 1998

The LPCDA allows penalties and interest to be charged by small businesses to late paying clients

The 1988 Copyright Designs and Patents Act

The 1988 CD&PA is the basis of all existing copyright law in the UK, albeit amended by subsequent statutes and statutory instruments.

Online Information

Artists Bill of Rights

The Artists' Bill of Rights campaign promotes the adoption of a set of ethical standards for competitions and appeals to which creative works are submitted.

Copyright for Clients

This AOP guide explains licensing and best practice for clients who need to understand the photography market.

Google Search by Image

Google's reverse image search is a prime means of discovering copyright infringements on the public web.

NUJ Freelance Fees Guide

The Fees guide presents pricing information for every type of creative work across different media sectors.

Plus Registry

The non-profit Plus registry is developing a global ecosystem for images and associated metadata that will help protect photos from infringement and orphaning.

The ABCD of Copyright

A free primer on copyright to download as a PDF.

Wayback Machine

Infringers often remove images at the first sign of trouble. The Wayback Machine, or Web Archive, often contains evidence of when infringement occurred.

Legal Assistance


ImageRights is an infringement discovery and claim management service able to take legal action in most countries. Cost is subscription to protect various numbers of images, plus a no-win-no-fee commission on settlements achieved


Image Witness is an effective infringement-discovery and reporting service for photographers. Requires paid subscription. Pursuit of infringers is left for photographers to pursue, with no commission payable.

Intellectual Property Enterprise Court

IPEC is the division of the Patent Court that deals with legal cases involving copyright infringement, for which a Fast Track procedure is available for claims up to £10,000.

Intellectual Property Protection

IPP provide Photographers with a free consultation and seek to recover any loss incurred due to the copyright misuse of a Photographer’s work for a fixed percentage of any monies recovered. Used and recommended by many EPUK members.

Mayo Wynne Baxter LLP

MWB offer a team of IP solicitors including Scott Gair who is himself a semi-pro photographer and copyright specialist.

US Copyright Office

The USCO operates a copyright registry that enables statutory damages of up to $120,000 per infringement claim. Used by many UK photographers to protect their work in the USA market.

Waterfront Solicitors LLP

Waterfront are specialist IP lawyers based in London. Free initial consultation. Piers Strickland has a special interest in photographic copyright.

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