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NUJ secures 5.4% pay increase

Staff photographers working for the Dublin-based Irish Times have been awarded a 5.43% pay increase following negotiations between the title and the National Union of Journalists’ Irish Office.

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Shut Up For Journalism

Fresh from turfing photographers out of work and silencing any of their members who protest, the National Union of Journalists has been busy promoting Stand Up For Journalism, ‘a day of action in defence of quality and standards in media, against job cuts and for fair pay and decent pensions.’

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Union endorses controversial Drogheda Independent agreement

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has refused to reject the controversial Drogheda Independent House Agreement. The proposed deal would see the union gaining a closed shop agreement and better terms for reporters, in return for agreeing that they can take photographs as part of their job.

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NUJ's Drogheda Independent deal is opposed by 80% of photographers

An EPUK survey of professional editorial photographers shows a clear grassroots opposition to the Drogheda Independent house agreement and strong dissatisfaction with the National Union of Journalists’s handling of the controversy.

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Photographers discussion list closed after intervention from NUJ officials

A private photographers’ email discussion list has in the last few hours announced itself as having closed after it came under pressure from the NUJ hierarchy to accept a membership application from a high ranking union official.

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Irish Executive Committee asks NEC to reject Drogheda Independent agreement

The NUJ’s Irish Executive Council (IEC) has voted to refer the decision as to whether accept the controversial Drogheda Independent house agreement to the union’s National Executive Committee (NEC), and has made a recommendation that it should be rejected.

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NUJ denies that it shut down discussion forum to stifle debate on Drogheda

The National Union of Journalists has today denied claims made in its own magazine that it closed an official discussion board to stifle grassroots debate on a controversial decision made by one of its most powerful committees.

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The NUJ's Parallel Universe

Some people are just s-o-o sensitive. Take one Kyran Connolly for instance. Earlier this month the woefully ill-informed National Union of Journalists Book Organiser queried whether the union had any involvement in running EPUK [please, stop sniggering at the back]. This was during the Emergency National Executive Committee meeting where Connolly and his cronies were busy putting the boot into Irish photographers.

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The NUJ’s War On Photographers

We’re kept so busy at EPUK Towers following the antics of big time scam artists that it’s easy to overlook the little guy. At first glance they don’t come much smaller than the Drogheda Independent, a weekly published in a small town on an island off the west coast of Britain. And it’s true that the paper is resolutely parochial: recent front page stories included ‘Woman uses child to steal teddy bears’; ‘Local men face trip to Dublin for semen tests’; and ‘Father Crilly fraud trial resumes’.

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The NUJ's statement in full

The full statement made by the Emergency Committee of the National Executive Council today, endorsing the proposed Drogheda Independent house agreement.

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Jenkins: NUJ interference to blame for photographers' list closure

The National Union of Journalists’ credibility among photographers appears to be at an all-time low after a week in which the union’s only photographers’ forum was shut down following direct intervention by General Secretary Jeremy Dear, and an emergency union meeting endorsed the controversial Drogheda Independent house agreement.

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NUJ attempts to bring closure to Drogheda controversy

NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear has attempted to bring the Drogheda Independent house agreement debate to a diplomatic end, following two months of controversy which has severely damaged the union’s standing among photographers.

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NUJ disunity helps no-one except the publishers we should be fighting

Union disunity over issues such as the Drogheda Independent controversy helps no-one except the very employers who are at the root of the problem, writes NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear.

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Fury as NUJ "sells out" Drogheda photographers for 'closed shop' agreement

Irish NUJ members are furious over a proposed house agreement with the Drogheda Independent group in which the union has agreed that newspaper photographs should in future be taken by reporters using cameraphones.

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Why the NUJ election is an opportunity for photographers to show their strength

The election to become the NUJ’s next Deputy General Secretary offers photographers a unique chance to use their voice and to show their strength, argues EPUK website editor Nick McGowan-Lowe

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Climate Camp Clampdown

Woolly liberal types, democrats, press freedom lovers and actual working journalists and photographers might be best avoiding west London for the next few days. On the other hand the British Airports Authority, nuclear power companies, would-be leaders of the world’s most polluting nation, tinpot dictators and trigger happy cops will feel right at home at the Heathrow Climate Camp.

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The full results of the NUJ/Drogheda Independent survey

The full results of the EPUK survey into whether the NUJ’s Drogheda Independent house agreement has affected perceptions of the union among photographers.

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The 2007 EPUK Golden Cameraphone Awards

They’re back! Bigger and badder than ever, it’s the annual EPUK Golden Cameraphone Awards. Check out how you did, and get your lawyers to call our lawyers in the morning…

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