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How do I post a question to the list ?

The discussion list is the core of what EPUK is about. Observing the list etiquette helps the list run smoothly for everyone.

To post on EPUK:

Either: send an email to epuk@epuk.org

or: simply reply to a list post.

Make sure in both instances that you are sending the message from the same email address you have registered with EPUK, otherwise the message will get bounced.

What to remember when posting.

The following are very important:

  • It’s best to send in plaintext only. While you can post in html, the message will only appear on the list in plaintext, so some of your formatting may be lost.
  • Trim your quotes. Don’t quote an entire message in your reply, unless you want the mods to set the dogs on you. In most email clients, highlighting the part of the original post you want to quote before you hit reply will do the trick.
  • Keep it on topic, EPUK is only for discussion of business matters, not software, computers, virus warnings, cameras or buying/selling kit. If in doubt ask the list moderator before posting at listmoderator@epuk.org
  • Keep subject lines relevant and consistent. If you quote from the digest, remember to change the subject line to that of the original post you are replying to. If you change topic, change the subject line to something like” New subject line [WAS: {old subject line}]”.
  • Keep it polite. Before you post, remember that whatever you send to the list will be seen by hundreds of other photographers, including the ones you’ll be standing next to at the photocall tomorrow.
  • Don’t swear. Everythime you swear, God kills a kitten.
  • You don’t need a long signature – five lines is fine – and you don’t need a confidentiality clause at the end of your email.
  • HTML links can break if they are too long. Either write them inside pointy brackets, or better still, use a service such as tinyurl.com
  • Onlist posts are confidential. You leak, you leave.
  • If a moderator steps in on list, it usually means the thread is now closed. Continuing the thread, or arguing with the moderator onlist will probably get you placed on moderated posting. Feel free to contact the relevant moderator offlist at
  • Be wary of libel: EPUK members are solely responsible for the content of their quotes. If you have had a bad experience, don’t post that “Company X are crooks”. Instead, just detail the situation that occurred, and let other members reach their own conclusions.
  • Remember the rules to which you agreed when you signed up:“http://www.epuk.org/Help/the-epuk-list-rules”:http://www.epuk.org/Help/the-epuk-list-rules

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What is EPUK?

EPUK is an email group for professional editorial photographers who want to talk business. We don’t do techie stuff or in-crowd gossip. We don’t talk cameras or computers. What we talk about are the nuts and bolts of being in business - like copyright, licensing, fees and insurance.

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