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How to...filter your EPUK mail with Thunderbird

EPUK strongly recommends that all EPUKers set up filters so the list posts don’t clog up their inbox. Here are the step by step instructions for Mozilla Thunderbird

(NB: ‘quotation marks’ are here used purely for readability. Don’t actually type quotation marks around any of the data you enter!)

1. Right-Mouse-Button click on the ‘Inbox’ folder in the LH pane. Select ‘Create New Folder’. Create a new folder called ‘Lists’, then you can group all mailing list emails within that.

2. Right-Mouse-Button click on the ‘Lists’ folder in the LH pane. Select ‘Create New Folder’ again. Create a new folder called ’[epuk]’ or whatever you like. (I tend to use square brackets around all list folder names, so they stand out immediately as lists). That’s where you are going to filter your EPUK mails to.

3. On the Tools menu, select ‘Message Filters’. This opens a new window onto all your filtering rules. If you haven’t yet created any, it won’t have any yet.

4. Click ‘New’. Give the filter the name [epuk] in the top box. Next, under ‘For incoming messages that:’ check ‘Match any of the following’.

5. Click the plus sign in the window underneath. Create a rule by selecting the following from the 2 listboxes: ‘Subject’ ‘contains’ then in the final field type ’[epuk]’

That’s it! You have just created a rule that will look for [epuk] in the subject line and divert all those mails to the folder you have designated.

Click OK when you’ve finished.

6. That’s enough to take care of all future mail as it arrives. However, if you wish to sort out existing mail, in the Message Filters window, click on the ’[epuk]’ rule to select it. Down the bottom, ‘Run selected filters on:’ should point to ‘Inbox’ (where all you unfiltered mail is lurking]. Then click ‘Run Now’. That’ll do it. You won’t need to do this again.

Once you have made this filter, you are likely to want to add a few more filters for other lists and to separate other mails by content into other dedicated folders. Just create the folders first, then the filters. But bear in mind that the order of the filters can become important once you have a complex collection of filters and folders.

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